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Businesses are already embracing the opportunity to have their services align with their customer’s current behaviours, as well as solving their problems in an intelligent and seamless way. The following are leaders in their industry who understand this key shift in thinking.



Google Assistant

Google Assistant is Google’s foray into an intelligent virtual assistant that understands and carries out a user’s requested task. It was first introduced through Google’s new messaging app Allo and is now present in a range of other Google products, from your phone to your smart home.

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Photos: Crystal Project   Inc  .

Photos: Crystal Project Inc.



Crystal Knows

Crystal Knows uses natural language processing to suggest the best way to communicate with an individual. Their goal is to “eradicate canned, impersonal work communication”. They do this by using user's LinkedIn profiles to analyse how they communicate. Edging towards an invisible interface Crystal Knows exists as a Chrome extension and pops up when it’s best to contribute — while crafting an email in Gmail or browsing through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Photos:  G  rammarly Inc  .

Photos: Grammarly Inc.




Grammarly’s aim is to improve the quality of writing for up to 2 billion of the world’s native and non-native English writers. Grammarly provides users with automated grammar and spell checking on the fly by overlaying their services into a user’s existing context through a browser extension for Chrome and Safari.

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Photos: Hello Digit   Inc  .

Photos: Hello Digit Inc.




Digit is an intelligent savings service that analyses user's personal income and determines small amounts of money to set aside and save. After the initial setup of the Digit app it continues to notify users of their savings progress through a message thread, utilising communication channels that people already rely on.

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Photos: Uber Technologies   Inc  .

Photos: Uber Technologies Inc.



Uber on Messenger

Taking advantage of an exisiting channel where people engage and communicate, Uber for Messenger allows users to request a ride from within a conversation without opening the Uber app. Tapping on an address within a conversation allows a user to “request a ride” and complete the Uber transaction from within Messenger. All updates for the ride are then continually communicated to parties within the existing Messenger conversation.

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