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Buzz Usborne

Buzz is Product Design Lead at Atlassian and former Product Design Lead at Sendle, Campaign Monitor & Skype. He built Prevue, and previously worked as a digital designer for various agencies in USA, UK and Australia.

We talk with Buzz about measuring success, designing beyond the screen, bots in the workforce, and more.

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Ursula Lane-Mullins

Ursula co-founded mixed-reality start-up ACME Virtual in 2016. Coming from a UX/UI background she is interested in how can UX paradigms be apply to VR  and is currently working on developing a UX framework for Virtual Reality.

We talk with Ursula about feelings and emotions in VR, the virtual world, optimising technology for our bodies, and more.

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Luke Fuller

Luke is a Design Strategist working in Deloitte Sydney's design department. In his role he spends his days in Deloitte's Innovation Lab helping businesses apply design thinking and human centred design methodologies to their customers. 

We talk with Luke about the power of APIs, machine learning, design in business, and more.

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Tim Noonan

Tim is a Voice user interface designer and usability consultant who is focused on making accessibility a real usable experience. Being an invisible interface designer throughout all of his career, Tim reveals the commonly overseen value of visual elements and underestimated difficulties of creating pleasant experiences without them. 

We talk with Tim about the challenges of sound design, thinking outside the screen and whether it’s okay to fake a human.

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Ben Henderson

Ben Henderson is the Director of Product Management at Campaign Monitor, one of the most popular email marketing platforms in the world. A large focus of Ben's current efforts is on automation and machine learning. Ben classifies himself as a product, business and design strategist, consultant, advisor and mentor. 

We talk with Ben about chatbots, digital metrics, automation, content affinity, and more.

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Charbel Zeaiter & Ben Wong

Headed up by Ben (CEO) and Charbel (Chief Experience Officer, Academy Xi provides short, practical and skill specific courses for people or companies to upgrade their capabilities in design and innovation. 

We talk with Charbel and Ben about their experience in virtual reality, the future of design education, businesses adapting to change, and more.

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